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Crash Bandicoot is back to save the world in this all-new Gameboy Advance-style fan game! Doing what no Gameboy style Crash Bandicoot adventure has done before, combining stellar classic gameplay and fully 2-D animated cutscenes! Crash Bandicoot The Crystal Catastrophe is one adventure that really stands out!


After making major modifications on the old Evolvo-Ray the evil Dr. Neo Cortex has plans to use his revamped machine to zap the earth and turn all living creatures into loyal mutant slaves! Crystals are the only power source and after finding one, he captures Coco Bandicoot so he can test his newly modified machine; and then sends out his trusted minions to gather all of the remaining crystals on the islands! The race is on, and now it's up to Crash Bandicoot to collect all of the crystals before Cortex's henchmen and save his little sister from becoming the general of an army of mutants!


Crash Bandicoot - Coco Bandicoot - Crunch - Dr. Neo Cortex - Dr. N.Gin - Dr. N. Brio - Dr. N. Tropy - Dingodile - Tiny - Uka Uka - Aku Aku

Character Voice Cast:

Isaac Morales - Crash Bandicoot, Dr. Neo Cortex, Crunch, Aku Aku, Dingodile

Aaron White - Dr. N. Gin, Dr. N. Tropy, Dr. N. Brio, Tiny Tiger

Jessica Van Horn - Coco Bandicoot

Forrest Forte - Uka Uka

Developer: NeoCo Games

Release Date: TBA

The Story

Some believe that the story is what make the game. And this is very true. Just like a film, games have to have a set storyline to follow, be it a deep or simple story. The story of Crash Bandicoot Legacy went through quite a few changes, but still kept the same concept.

The Unemployed Bandicoot Story:

This story basically was telling players that due to the spawning of the newer Crash Bandicoot games, the classic Crash Bandicoot was washed up. Living alone, missing his girlfriend, Tawna, and on his way to the unemployment office to file a claim. This story was written to take place in another universe, where the classic versions of the characters still existed. But this got pretty confusing.

At the unemployment office, Crash and Cortex unexpectedly meet up and then get introduced to Gom, a hulking hero from another dimension, and his little fairy friend known as Celetra.

After being rejected by the unemployment office, they meet a shifty fast-talker named Vex, who convinces the four to go on a treasure hunt inside of an ancient pyramid, where strange and unexpected surprises occur. 

The Vacation Story:

Another storyline that was discussed had to do with Crash Bandicoot taking a well-deserved vacation to a tropical island resort. There, he'd coincidentally meet up with Cortex who was on a vacation of his own as well. And to make things even more awkward, Crash would see his girlfriend, Tawna, as a popular exotic dancer at a popular island themed night club owned by a snappy-dresser, fast talker named Vex. Vex would then convince the group to explore an ancient pyramid to find a lost treasure. Crash and Cortex both agree, since they're out of work and in need of money.

The Museum Story:

Crash was given the privilege to babysit his little cousin, Cassie Bandicoot. But since she was becoming hard to entertain, Crash decides to taker her on a trip to the local museum. There, they'd run into Cortex, who was there only to see what ancient artifacts he could steal and cash in. But during their tour, they get lost and embark on an all new adventure of their own, traveling though different dimensions, and gathering crystals and gems in order to return back home.

The Dimension Hopping Story:

In this storyline, Crash, Coco, and Aku Aku were enjoying their day outside. While the heroes were hanging out, Cortex and N. Gin were spying on them, from a close distance, waiting to kill Crash with a new laser gun device. But before Cortex could pull the trigger, a dimension gateway opens up above him and out falls Gom, a hulking ultimate life form hero from another dimension, along with his friend, Celetra the Fairy. Gom and the fairy tell Crash and Cortex that they have come from the ninth and eleventh dimensions to seek out the heroes of our dimension to stop an evil sinister force that has taken over the dimensions of the future.

Crash agrees to help since he's a hero, and Cortex agrees to help because he's jealous that someone has thought of a better evil plan than him.

Later on in the game, the evil force of dimension rulers are unveiled to be Dr. N. Trpy, Dr. N. Gin, and Dr. N. Brio... All under the orders of their new appointed leader, Ripper Roo, who has become an evil genius thanks to a new potion fabricated by Dr. N. Brio. 

This was the story that was decided to be the final one for the game.

The Concepts

One major suggested level, known as N.Tropy's Clock Tower. Full of bells, gongs, and chimes of every shape and size. You can see the pathways and platforms where Crash would be jumping around.

Click the play button below to hear the music that helped to inspire the artist while drawing this concept picture.


This level was titled The Weeping Island. Crash needed to access it by riding the waves up the the dry land, while encountering some spooky surprises along the way. 

This concept 

was made 

for a level that 

focused on Dr. 

N. Brio's Potion 

Factory, where 

Crash would 

have to run 

across moving 

conveyor belts 

and jump 

across beakers 

full of toxic 


Below are several concepts for the levels and enemies that Crash would encounter in the game.

Below are concepts of all of the characters that may to be in the game. Some new and some familiar faces.